Creating a Positive Candidate Experience for Aspiring Employees

Arun Kumar Tibrewal
3 min readAug 7, 2022


Positive Employee Experience

Though “Candidate Experience” is a concept that is used frequently in corporations today, there is still a long way to go. When it comes to small and mid-sized businesses in India, some of the the CEOs and even the HR head are unsure of its importance. If you ask me, I’ll always respond,

“The Company and its HR personnel must strengthen their employee experience to retain quality candidates.” For years to come, a company’s brand and image can be determined by how it treats its people.

Let’s explore the reasons for improving your candidate experience in this little article. How will it help your company?

A plain and simple 5 point strategy to create a better candidate experience:

1. Establish a positive atmosphere at work. The majority of candidates that visit your office will look at your current team and form an opinion of you or your business.

2. Clearly explain your value proposition to the workforce. This will inspire them, and they will produce better outcomes.

3. Always provides a seamless and enjoyable interviewing experience. Some HR professionals grill applicants to the point where they become discouraged and form the false impression of your business.

4. Always establish a realistic expectation from the candidate applied for the position, and set the reasonable standards on the workplace.

5. Exhibit respect for applicants during the interview. Reject them respectfully even if you believe they are not the appropriate fit for the company.

Consider every applicant you interview as a potential future employee. Make an excellent first impression because you’ll be working closely with one of them in the future.

How this will be beneficial for your company:

Create a strong talent pool:
A positive candidate experience helps build a powerful talent brand. You will attract top quality candidates who will deliver better results.

Outsmart your competition:
Companies will find it much easier to encourage people to join them while rivals are outperforming them if they can connect to the desired purpose of a candidate.

Boost the sustainability of your company:
A positive candidate experience benefits the company. It has been proven that firms lose millions of dollars in business because they don’t treat potential employees the same way they treat their consumers.

Improve Brand awareness:
Prospective employees share their great experiences with others and provide positive evaluations online when you provide a better applicant experience. This develops positive awareness of your company’s and your customers’ brands.

The way a company assesses the suitability of a candidate, job seekers also evaluate whether the company is a good fit for them or not. Therefore, giving candidates a better experience increases their faith in the firm, which makes them a valuable resource for you.

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